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Coming Events From King Travel Service.
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March- 2017
  NYC-  sights you have not seen there before.  pp cost $135.00 - More details coming soon.

West Point and Army Academy.   App cost $125.00 p.p. - More details coming soon.


Boston - a Saturday in "Beantown" with some new features.  App $125.00 p.p. - More details coming soon.

June/July- 2017

June - Quebec and Montreal - More details coming soon.

July - Alaska - cruise and tour - More details coming soon.

August- 2017
  Pops by the Sea at Hyannis, most likely a Sunday app. $125.00- More details coming soon.
September / October- 2017
  South African safari and visit Capetown and Johannesburg - a trip of a lifetime. - Details coming soon.
November - 2017
  NYC Broadway show tour (too long since we offered this one). - Details coming soon.
December - 2017

Radio City Music Hall and the Christmas Show. - Details soon.


We would appreciate hearing from you and which of the above destinations is/are of most interest to you and if you have another favorite place you would like to visit, please let us know about that too.
Thank you



Please note: We will be using the upper left parking lot at Wal-Mart Norwich on route 82 (also known as Salem Turnpike) for all our tours in the months ahead due to construction at commuter lot.We wish you welcome onboard and look forward to sharing the above and other great trips with you.

King Travel Service is constantly planning new trips to exciting destinations.  We believe travel should be comfortable, enriching, exciting, fun and safely conducted.   We have teamed up with some of the finest travel companies in our country and suppliers overseas.

Collette Vacations is one of our best partners in delivering the finest quality while keeping prices within reach for as many as possible enthusiastic travelers.    We are here to serve you and we look forward to hearing from you. 

If you do not have a passport and do not think you want to travel overseas, why not explore America?   There are so many fabulous destinations to be seen and enjoyed right here in this great land of ours - we could all spend a life time just seeing the United States.   Looking ahead to next spring (too late for this year)  Why not take yourselves to the South West part of our land, Arizona and New Mexico are both great destinations with so very much to offer and the desert in early spring with the cacti in bloom is a sight to behold.     Before you conclude that travel is not in your future, please give us a call - I am certain I can, within reason, find a destination for you that you will absolutely love and leave you wondering why you had not called us much sooner?!

We look forward to hearing from you and to being of service to you and wish you Happy Trails.    

Welcome onboard!


Inger King, President
King Travel Service Inc.

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